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Chairman's Circle

Governor $100,000 and above
Charmaine and Dan Warmenhoven

Producer $10,000 - $14,999
Giselle Parry Farris and Ray K. Farris II

Director $7,500 - $9,999
Partner $5,000 - $7,499
Sue Bebb
Mr. and Mrs. John Dupen
Mrs. Charles L. Fry
Lorraine C. Gilmore
Elizabeth and Mark Striebeck
Erma Weil Dance Scholarship Fund

Dancers' Circle

Principal $3,500 - $4,999
Robin and Stephen Ching
Linda and Steve Glanville
Joan and Michael Hackworth
Victoria and James Maroulis
Dr. and Mrs. R. Henry Richards
Mr. and Mrs. David Thompson

Soloist $2,500 - $3,499
Anonymous (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Lozano
Nancy and Rodger Richeal

Corps de Ballet $1,000 - $2,499
Anonymous (4)
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Armstrong
Adu Bagley
Katherine Bazak and John Dohner
Michael Bena
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Blumenthal
Valerie and Tom Burniece
Eric and Mimi Carlson
Malkah and Donald Carothers
Melanie Dresbach and David, Ryan and Colleen Castillo
Linda Cato
Elizabeth Chenet
Melissa Dimick
Sharon and Reid Gustafson
David Hough
Susan and John Janiak
Patricia and Robert E. Jones, Jr.
Sue Kemp
Huetta and Richard Kimrey
Teresa and Robert Lanz
Ailsa and Stephen Ludvik
Mike Markkula
Trish and Jim McAfee
Diana Morabito
Noelle Eder and Dean Newcomb
Dr. Jakob Nielsen and Hannah Kain
Dr. Arlene Noodleman
Randy Presuhn and Timothy Nguyen
Stephen T. Quigley, Jr.
Caroline and Chris Rackowski
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Richards in honor of Alexsandra Meijer
Marcia and Chris Riedel
Bud Rubin
Rita and Steve Schlosser
The Schmitz-Fromherz Family
In Honor of Keira Schwartz
Joan and Robert Shomler
Stephanie Southwick
Audrey Stoesz Unruh
Frederick W. Terman and Nan Borreson
Dr. Herbert Weil, PhD and Dr. Anabel Anderson Imbert, MD
Siv and Anthony Wheeler

Friends of Ballet San Jose

Patron $500 - $999
Anna Bagniewska
The Burdick Family
Zahava Cedar
Melanie and Peter Cross
Barbara and Michael Dale
Betty and Donald D'Angelo
Linda R. Davis and Serge Rudaz
Dr. Diana Fink, MD and David Smith
Bruce and Jo Hamilton
The Howells Family
Dr. Elizabeth Hutter
Beth and Robert Janopaul
Teresa and Robert Lanz
Luspo and Lustre Family - in loving memory of Amy Almodal Lustre, Esq.
Hugh D. Mai, M.D. and Marianne Mai, O.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mednick
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Mirkin
Mr. and Mrs. Siggi Petursson and Sigurdardottir Family
Xiao Ping Qi and Meng Lu
Ruth Schlotzhauer and Mark Isfeld
Kathleen Sidenblad
J. H. Silveira, M.D.
Earl G. Singer
Elizabeth Thesling
Jeanne Torre
James Vera and Jennifer Ochs
Carol Watts
Ya Yang and Jinsong Huang
The Hon. Marilyn Pestarino Zecher

The following individuals supported Ballet San Jose's programs during the period of April 1, 2011-April 25, 2012.

Affiliate $250 - $499
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Avakoff
Susan Barkan in memory of Jean Albro
Walter Battistella
E. Paul Bayon and Ronnie Jacobson
Jennifer and Paul Bogomilsky
William Buchholz
Marie and Carlo Caralli
Vendy Chan and Samson Wong
Jessica and John Chang
Paul and Marijane Chestnut
Gloria and Michael Chiang
Bernadette Connolly
Carmen Cook
Copyman Digital
Linda and Gary Covell
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Dawson
Cynthia and Michael DeTata
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dorsa
Brenda and Richard Duval
Fawcett Family
Cindy Hanes
Ruth Hartmann
Dr. and Mrs. David Hirschfeld
Carolyn M. Hutchinson
Robert S. Kieve
Phil Kurjan in Honor of Noel Butler and Phil Kurjan
Jan and Frank La Fetra
Myrna Marshall and Jon Saxe
Alice T. Matson
Edna and David Mc Cready
Gail and Christopher Mead
Carmen and G. Kirby Miller
Juanita Mah and Stephen Mink
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nunziata
Bill Perry and Martha Groves Perry
Mohanan Pisharody
Eric and Julia Roberts
Bud Rubin
Sandy Sill
Leslie C. and Charles M. Smith
Sara Jane Sullivan
Mia Verona
Clayton Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wylie
James and Grace Yamakawa
Brian Zhang

Associate $100 - $249
Gerald Alexanderson
Joyce Allegro
Patricia Anderson
Erica Ankuda
Laima Baltusis
Victor Beckman
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Bergkamp
Joann Bergoffen
Justine Blaich
Marilyn Blockus
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bobbitt
Robert D. Burns
Ernest Castro, Jr.
Jennifer and Brian Cilker
Georgina Coleman
Rebecca Cox
Rose Crimi
Marjorie Crosby
Kathleen Demetri
Elaine S. Elkin
Jenna Ellis
Yoko Enokida
Patricia Evans
Barry and Toby Fernald
Deborah M. Ferry
S. and D. Finkelstein
Rita Finn
David Freyberg
Kimberly and Steve Frost
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Gabali
Mary Jo Gallagher
Barbara Gilkeson
Mary and Bill Gilwee
Louis B. Green
Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Handloff
Lennis Hansen
Marisue Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Herman
Mr. and Mrs. John Herschkorn
Eva and Eric Hildum
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Hinkle
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hodge
Kristina Loquist and Hans Holtan
Cleda L. Houmes
Patricia Hughes
Yoshiko and James Humfeld
Patricia Irwin
Ken Jaffee and Karen White
Edna and Francois Jamati
Nancy Daggett Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Johnson
Thomas Kaiser
John S. Keen
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Kelly
John A. Kirchmann
Deanna and Al Knickerbocker
Elizabeth Kogut
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Landre
Jeffrey Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lorete
Harry Loucks
Jeanne Lyons
Margaret Ma
Helen and Rachel Magnus
Dan Margoliash and Dr. Lynn Dowdell
Ellen and Glen Mc Laughlin
Barbara McCune
Paul and Rosemary McElherne
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McKewan
Susan Mickiewicz
Donna Miguelgorry
Jolene and Roger Millette
Joyce Monda
Sylvia Moore
Lt. Col. Ruth and Col. Bobby Moorhatch
Josephine and Tab Morales
Joan Mulvihill
Nina Arlene Murphy
Mary Nakaji
Jim Nichols and Jill Plant
Annette Nielsen
Susan and Edward Olsen
Anna Osborne
Jane Pao
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petersen
Marilyn and John Rhoades
Debbie and Paz Rocha Jr.
Herbert Rosenthal
Carol Salemi
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Samuels
Rudolph Sandmeier
Ann Schleich
Kenneth J. Seylar
Drs. Stanley and Margaret Shatsky
Emilia and David Shvarts
In memory of Mary K. Siebenmorgen
Carol and Hunt Small
Janet Smick
Niki and Claude Smith
Joyce Sogg
Jennifer Sopranzi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stainton
Maria and Albert Statti
Carolyn and Keppler Stone
Jeanette Sullivan
Ed and Candace Sykes
Marvin and Ina Tanner
Karen L. Taylor
Paula Thielen
Marie Thordsen
Gilles Vrignaud
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wagner
Heather Wallace
Fred Wassem and Gretchen Zane
Judy and Larry William
Mr. and Mrs. Nate WIlson
Ellen C. Wynn
The family of Stella Young

2015/2016 Season Announced!

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